MindsetMit dem richtigen Mindset zum Entrepreneur

Everyone starts small: with the right Mindset to a successful Entrepreneur

Few founders are born as such and have the “right” mindset from day # 1.

  • I don’t have the right idea.
  • I have no experience and no perspective.
  • I’m not the start-up type.
  • I don’t have the right attitude.

Do these beliefs seem familiar to you? Do you sometimes catch yourself with one or more of these settings?

It is completely understandable if you feel overwhelmed at the beginning in view of the challenges that could be facing you. Many people are also afraid of change or an early failure of the idea.

The Way is the Goal – 5 Principles for a positive Mindset

But it is worth jumping over your own shadow for dreams. It is wonderful to have found his dream task – his “calling”. You then look forward to every day and every new challenge. You feel and see how you grow as a person and you can take personal, ecological and social responsibility in your freedom and improve the world.

So that you can grow with your start-up and master hurdles, we have prepared five guiding principles for you.

First of all, we would like to point out to you that, even if you read these guidelines, they are no guarantee of your success. What is success for you, you have to define for yourself personally and set your goals based on this. The guidelines can help you achieve the goal.

1. I allow myself to start small, learn quickly and grow strongly

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Look for products that you are enthusiastic about and concentrate on the area in which you can demonstrate skills and know-how.

Start small and grow. In the beginning, “Nike” was just a shop for sports fashion. It took several years before an own collection of sports shoes was launched on the market and again many years until Nike could prevail against market giants like Adidas or Asics.

You don’t have to count on the biggest right from the start either. Set realistic goals, like € 10,000 profit in the first year. You can build on that and increase yourself year after year.

2. It’s okay to start small

Many founders think they have to be known or famous before they start. But even today’s most famous founders, such as Jeff Bezos, were initially completely unknown. The success did not come overnight, but rather built on one another piece by piece.


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3. If I know why I work, I will always have a reason for it

You have to find your motivation: Why are you starting up? What are your goals? Where do you see yourself in ten years?

It is not enough to say that you want to make a lot of money, because money is not an end in itself. What good is a golden palace if you can’t share it with anyone? Money is just a voucher for goods and services.

Create added value for others. Set goals. If you are convinced of this goal and are passionate about it, then every step there is not work, but a step towards your goal.

4. There is no better day to start than today

You don’t have to feel “ready” to work on your future. You are working on your future so that you are ready.

With every task you master, every obstacle you overcome and every challenge you overcome, you grow. Much more: you will be ready for the next level or the next task.

Tasks that were difficult for you yesterday, such as starting a car in the first hour of driving, are so natural for you today that it is no longer an effort for you. You learn and grow continuously with your tasks and that is also important, because in addition to your personality, you can also bring your start-up forward.

5. Follow your Vision by achieving Goals

You can’t plan ahead every day of your life for the next decade. You can do that for the next week – or the next month. But not for the next few years. That is why you need a vision, a mission and values. From this you can derive your business goals. And then break it down to years, quarters and months. So you stay flexible, but still get closer to your goals every day.

If you miss the next step or you just can’t get any further, it is important not to give up. Find out what you are missing. You can find a solution or a service provider online for pretty much every problem who is available to you for complex requirements outside of your core competence. Of course, these cost money, but compared to the loss you make as a result of the downtime, i

Do more with the right mindset

You now know that your mindset and your goals can have a decisive influence on your company, especially in the start-up phase. That is why an experienced team of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and investors accompanies you on your way to independence at the Tech Startup School. This not only provides you with support for difficult tasks, but also a modern approach to business model development.

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