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Initiate your Startup within a team!

We help you to build your own company! We deliver the ideas, team colleagues and accompany you and your team within the business development process.

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Initiate a Startup with your Idea!

We put together an interdisciplinary team. This team will develop an optimal business model from your idea – uncomplicated & logically.

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About us

Platform for Agile Innovation Processes

Tech Startup School connects founding teams and idea giving companies in a program for agile innovation. We accompany this process to the start up and further.

Business Design nach dem Orange Hills-Modell
Business Design nach dem Orange Hills-Modell

Business Design

From an Idea to an innovative Startup within 10 Weeks

In 10 weeks’ business design the foundation team will develop an eligible for funding business model. A TSUS Business Design Coach will accompany the team at all the steps of the development process: Discover > Design > Validate & Implement up to the Final Pitch and Decision. At presence dates we take care that they are compatible with jobs or studies.