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Initiate your Startup within a team!

We help you to build your own company! We deliver the ideas, team colleagues and accompany you and your team within the business development process.

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Initiate a Startup with your Idea!

We put together an interdisciplinary team. This team will develop an optimal business model from your idea – uncomplicated & logically.

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About us

Platform for Agile Innovation Processes

Tech Startup School connects founding teams and idea giving companies in a program for agile innovation. We accompany this process to the start up and further.

Business Design nach dem Orange Hills-Modell
Business Design nach dem Orange Hills-Modell

Business Design

From an Idea to an innovative Startup within 10 Weeks

In 10 weeks’ business design the foundation team will develop an eligible for funding business model. A TSUS Business Design Coach will accompany the team at all the steps of the development process: Discover > Design > Validate & Implement up to the Final Pitch and Decision. At presence dates we take care that they are compatible with jobs or studies.

Feed, food & raw materials
Business idea along the value chain

We are looking for innovators with entrepreneurial spirit and passion for production techniques, entomological and nutritional issues as well as sustainable business. Together with other talents you deal with with the question of how the breeding and processing of insects can be meaningfully automated or industrialized.

Startup Project

Startup Project

Added value
with insects
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Intelligent sensor technology for the injection molding process in tool making

Are you interested in sensors, data analysis and engineering? Together in a team and with coaching, you work on new quality standards for the sensor and data-driven injection cycle in the intrapreneur project by fischer Werkzeug- und Moldbau. In addition, you develop a clear value proposition for “PowerMoulds” and a marketable business model for implementation as an intrapreneur.

intrapreneur Project

LOCATION: Waldachtal PowerMoulds
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Products and services for new work environments

Get to know the project team! We were looking for talented lateral thinkers with a passion for new work and the goal of concentrating a startup. Together with other people interested in founding a business, you relate well-being and performance parameters for office & home office, development of a clear value proposition and a marketable business model. Die Theben AG ist Ideengeber bei der Tech Startup School NEW WORK
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