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Intelligent sensor technology for the injection moulding process in toolmaking

Background to the “PowerMoulds” project

An injection mould is exposed to high loads during series production. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep the moulds in an ideal mechanical, thermal and chemical condition and to guarantee the quality of the moulded parts.

With “PowerMoulds”, the quality standard of the produced parts will be determined during the injection process. This is made possible through sensors installed in the mould and a forecast for the coming injection cycles. Before bad parts are produced, the system intervenes in the process and automatically readjusts the injection moulding machine.

Development of a business model for an innovative injection moulding technology

The new “PowerMoulds” injection moulding technology is already in the test phase. However, an in-depth market analysis of new quality standards for the injection cycle and a valid business model with financial planning and development costs are still lacking for a series production.

The Tech Startup School supports the entire process of developing and validating the business model up to the final pitch and beyond. In 10 weeks you will take part in intensive on-site workshops with an experienced coach in Waldachtal. In between you will work remotely with your team, supplemented by weekly status calls. You will go through the phases “Discover”, “Design” and “Validate” and, if necessary, create tangible prototypes to gain insights in a short time. A validation with potential customers and users is part of the procedure. In the “Decide Phase” you will be presented with the business model that has been developed, including cost factors and the time frame until the saleable product is ready. If the final pitch is convincing, you become an intrapreneur at fischer Werkzeug- und Formenbau in Waldachtal.

Wanted: lateral thinkers with innovative spirit

We are looking for lateral thinkers with a passion for new technologies, data analysis, sensor technology and engineering. For the composition of the intrapreneur team we follow an interdisciplinary, heterogeneous approach.

Do you have knowledge or experience in the plastics processing industry, ideally in injection moulding, product development, marketing, business development or other specialist areas? If you have a keen interest in agile projects and the desire for a responsible position with plenty of freedom, then apply to us as an intrapreneur talent!

In case of a project implementation, you will take on a responsible, leading position in the implementation of the new business model – with profit sharing, professional and personal further qualification as well as numerous additional benefits.

Idea giving company: fischer Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH

fischer Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH is part of the international fischer group of companies and offers both internally and externally innovative solutions for multi-cavity and precision tools for the plastics industry. 120 employees* at four locations design, manufacture, qualify and maintain high-precision injection moulds. Headquarters of the mould making division: Horb am Neckar. Locations for toolmaking: Waldachtal-Tumlingen, Freiburg-Hochdorf and Vyskov in the Czech Republic.

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