Just do it instead of just thinking
– This is how you gain practical experience in business

A few years ago, everyone with a degree in economics or engineering was well positioned and the job after graduation was relatively secure. However, the number of students continues to rise, while the flood of graduates keeps reducing the chances on the job market. Practical experience creates added value.

Practical experience as the key to a successful career start

The only chance among the many applicants for your desired job not to go under is to stand out from the crowd. This works, among other things, by gaining practical experience. This is often used by employers as a yardstick to filter applicants. But what if you don’t learn any practice in your course? Are there any points of contact with the economy at all?

Many students are disturbed by this fact, they are afraid and fear that it would be difficult for them to start their careers without practical experience. You would therefore like to be able to gain practical experience outside the university during your studies, but the time is limited.

When Time is going to thwart you

The fear of failure due to a double burden is great. But the good news is that there are ways to gain the much-needed work experience despite the lack of time. In addition to deciding between various options such as internships, working student activities and other activities outside of your studies, you should always keep in mind that you not only need time for tasks within your studies such as submissions and exams, but also for the household, your friends and Organizational matters.

Therefore, in order to find the right opportunity for you to gain professional experience, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the workload for your studies?
  • When do you have time for other activities?
  • Is there still enough time for friends, relationships, leisure activities?
  • Do you have enough self-discipline for a possible double burden?

After answering these questions, it quickly becomes clear that an internship while studying seems to be utopian for many.

Your Solution: gain Experience in Business within only 10 Weeks

Formats are perfect for students, in which you can apply your professional expertise in practice. The Tech Startup School offers the perfect conditions. On the one hand, due to its technical focus, it is tailored precisely to students from the MINT or business sector. On the other hand, it takes place according to your needs for eight weeks during the semester break. The Tech Startup School is also free for participants. In this way you can ideally bring your studies and practical experience under one roof.

The Tech Startup School – A bridge between theory and practice

The Tech Startup School is pure entrepreneurial practice. Not only partial aspects of companies are illuminated, but all 9 elements of the Business Model Canvas are worked through – several times and iteratively in the sense of the Lean Startup process. This way you get to know them well. Exactly what you want as a student in a theory-heavy subject.

You won’t be busy for the full two months, as the Tech Startup School only takes place on one-off dates. You can continue to work on the projects in your free time, do something for your studies or even do a part-time job.

In the end, you gained valuable practical experience during your semester break, which you can include in your application without affecting your studies. In the best case scenario, however, your own company emerges from the Tech Startup School. And what’s a better practical reference than your own company?

Convince yourself of the concept and maybe you would like to take part in the Tech Startup School for free

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