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 Branding for Founders: Steps to your own Brand

Your brand allows customers to get an impression of your company at first glance. You have the unique opportunity to convey your values, story and identity quickly and easily. Your customers will also recognize you based on your trademark alongside many other companies if you have not made any mistakes in branding. Here you have a small selection of brands whose names have not been chosen carefully.

So that you do not make the same mistake as the Australian airline “Emu”, which has chosen a bird that cannot fly, we have put together nine steps for you to create your own and, above all, suitable brand.

Clear Communication for stable Branding

Imagine how easy it is to address your target group with a suitable brand. When each of your employees and you know exactly what you stand for, what your goals are and what values ​​you want to actively sell. Even if your logo evokes appropriate associations with your values, customers can develop sympathy more quickly because your company as a whole becomes more authentic.

Nine steps to your own Brand

It is advisable not to work through the next steps alone. If you work in a small group from the management, marketing and production, you will surely come up with several suitable ideas. Every point should also be taken seriously and rash decisions should not be made, because once the brand has been established, it is only possible with a lot of effort and a possible loss of customers to recreate the brand.

#1 Set goals

Answer the following questions: Where do you see your company in 5, 10 and 15 years? What do you want to achieve Are there new product lines or is your company expanding across Europe?

Of course it is difficult to say what will be in 15 years, but this is about the vision of your branding. Where do you want to go

# 2 What, how, why

Answer the questions:

What do you offer?
How do you offer it?
Why do you offer it?

The “why” is crucial. One thing is clear, the answer to making money is not the right way. What is your overall goal or dream?

For the Tech Startup School it would look like this:

What? Innovative program: to your start-up in ten weeks

How? Through a program with 14 seminar days with team building weekend, gathering of those interested in starting up, experienced start-up consultants and companies from the respective sector.

Why? We want to give you the opportunity to become a founder and take your (work) life into your own hands. We love the enthusiasm that arises when people are motivated to work on a project

# 3 Determine Values

Your values ​​reflect what is important to you. Depending on the industry, customers also have requirements for your values. As a provider of green electricity, you should also convey ecological, sustainable values ​​and have no coal-fired power plant as a logo.

What do you associate with your company? Which terms and characteristics are important to you? For this, create a list in which you collect everything and then sort by relevance.

# 4 Determine Target Group

Knowing the target group is incredibly important because it is your potential customers who you ultimately have to convince to buy your product. We have dealt with this topic in detail in other blog posts.

# 5 Determine Personality

Assess your company mentality on a scale from zero to ten. You agree with zero on the left and ten on the right.

# 6 Collect Competitors

Where do you see your company compared to counterparties? You can place your company on such a 2 × 2 matrix. You can then enter companies that operate in your sector, so you get a good overview.

# 7 List Unique Selling Points

As a rule, you are not alone in the market, so think carefully about what differentiates you from other companies. What makes your company special? What added value do you offer that no one else offers? Do you deliver within 24 hours, can you offer a multi-year guarantee and service or are you the only one with years of experience in this area? You can also think the other way around, what are you not offering specifically? Do you save unnecessary packaging or an expensive service?

Make yourself clear what makes you and your company unique and position yourself with it.

# 8 Associations with your Characteristics

Which company comes to mind when you hear caffeinated soft drink? – Coke? What about handkerchief? Do you think of pace then? You will surely come up with even better terms that immediately create an association with a company.

Which terms should be associated with your company or your logo?
Make sure you use nouns.

# 9 Develop logo

Your logo should contain at least one of the terms from # 8 to underline your company values. You can also choose a lettering, here there is also the choice between clear, straight and childishly playful letters.

For the logo, it is recommended that you get an expert to help you, so that in the end it will also be as you imagine it to be. The more precise your ideas are, the less the expert has to work on your logo until you like it and the less hours you have to pay for it. Therefore take a few minutes beforehand and look online in a logo kit to see what you can and cannot imagine.

A lot of Work for Smart Positioning

It is a lot of work from step one to nine, but it is crucial for positioning yourself in the market and for the visibility of your customers. At Tech Startup School, you are not alone in this task. You and your team will be supported by founders and experts from the relevant areas. So it is also possible that you will come to your portable business model in which the financing is virtually certain within only eight weeks.


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