Full time or Block event? The Duration Time of the Tech Startup School

Have you been dreaming of a job that fulfills you, challenges you and offers you unlimited possibilities for a long time? You must have already heard of the Tech Startup School. But now you are worried about how you can make time for this innovative program in addition to your studies.

You are not alone with this concern, because in addition to lectures, tutorials and exam preparation, more than half of all students even have to work. That is why we explain here how you can still complete the Tech Startup School program.

How nice it would be if you knew from the beginning what you were getting into. You not only know the opportunities, but also the exact amount of time. This would give you the opportunity to plan your studies, prescribe homework or adjust your working hours.

Ten Weeks in Addition to Studying – is that possible?

Yes, and we’ll tell you why.

All in all, the program spans ten weeks with 14 seminar days. These are spread over the end of the week and are designed for Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. With 14 presence days and around 20 additional working hours, the time required per week is around 20 hours. Accordingly, the Tech Startup School is also possible alongside the studies, especially since it is not a whole semester, but a short period of time. The times are also outside the usual examination times.

Development of the Tech Startup School

Theory, theory, theory like in university? – Not with TSUS!

We cannot do without theory, but it is important that you as a participant develop your business model. For this we give you theoretical input on Thursdays, which is very practice-oriented. You should implement this knowledge directly with your team on the following Friday.

Our team building weekend takes place before the seminar days. Not only are the final teams formed here, who then develop the business model together, but also the cohesion is strengthened. You will then be part of the team and not a lone fighter. The advantage is that if you get stuck with a problem, your team can support you. Experienced founders will also stand by you during the program and support you with advice and action.

100% presence?

Are you worried that you could get sick and miss certain seminar days, or that the Tech Startup School cuts itself off with a compulsory appointment at your university? Don’t worry, because you can be absent for up to three days and still get your certificate of attendance.

So lay the foundations during the Tech Startup School to shape your professional future as you imagine – with our support. Here you can find our participant insights: Get an impression of the Tech Startup School now.

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